Scented soy candle - Beach Wedding

Scented soy candle - Beach Wedding

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The limited edition Beach Wedding candle come in in a clear glass tumbler, and branded with a beautiful bright orange label. Housed in our original boxes are covered with a custom illustrated box sleeve unique to its scent - bright, colourful and full of summer cheer.

Beach Wedding embodies all those summer feels. An uplifting blend of lavender, sage and thyme, deepened by the elegant base notes of vetiver, amber, cedarwood and patchouli. This fresh combination is finished off with a tinge of spicy cinnamon and clove making this scent extraordinary.

Create the perfect relaxing atmosphere with this complex yet harmonies combination of 11 essential oils, a sensory masterpiece. All candles are made using pure soy wax, and packaged in a 310ml glass tumbler.

Made in Cape Town by Amanda Jayne.

Fragrance profile: vetiver, lavender, sage & thyme

 Burn time:  Approx. 45 hours.