Tea infusion - Rhino Bush

Tea infusion - Rhino Bush

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Rhino bush is piney with a resinous flavour.

Makes 30 small pots (300ml)

Ingredients:  Dicerothamnus rhinocerotis - leaves and twigs

Flavour Profile:  Piney with notes of resin

Product packaging:  Handmade brown kraft packet with tag and split-pin (cellophane inner)

Product dimensions:  7x4x11cm

   TEA MIXOLOGY - Rhino bush is a strong counterbalance to pungent-minty Buchu, a bold and rejuvenating combination. 

FLAVOURED WATER & ICED TEA - once the infusion has cooled consume as a flavoured water. Add fruit juice to make an iced tea. 

    ANTI-INFLAMMATORY - Rhinocerotinoic acid