Tea infusion - Rooibos

Tea infusion - Rooibos

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This is the flavour of the Fynbos veld at sunset, fruity notes lingering in the twilight air. 

Makes 20 small pots (300ml)

Indredients:  Aspalathus linearis - finely cut fermented leaves

Flavour Profile:  Fruity with notes of caramel and rosehip

Product packaging:  Handmade brown kraft packet with tag and split-pin (cellophane inner)

Product dimensions:  7x4x11cm

   TEA MIXOLOGY - enjoy the essence of Rooibos on its own or layer with more flavours of the veld like Buchu and Cancer bush. Rooibos makes a fruity foil for the bitter taste of Cancer bush.

FLAVOURED WATER & ICED TEA - once the infusion has cooled consume as a flavoured water. Add fruit juice to make an iced tea. 

    ANTI-OXIDANT - Aspalathin & Nothofagin