Family Proteaceae tea towel
Family Proteaceae tea towel

Family Proteaceae tea towel

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Our tea towels celebrate the wild and unique wonders of South Africa's Cape Floral Kingdom.  This colourful piece features some of the key representatives of the greater protea family, known scientifically as 'Proteaceae'.  This family of plants is known for its immense diversity, with various divisions (or genera) including the well-known proteas, leucospermum and leucadendrons.

The Family Proteaceae design features both open and closed King Protea (protea cynaroides) alongside the Queen Protea (protea magnifica), Pincushion (leucospermum cordifolium) and the vibrant Safari Sunset (leucadendron).  All of these plants are exported throughout the world 

The perfect kitchen accompaniment, celebrate the diversity of nature indoors.

This tea towel is available in 100% linen (more heavily textured) and 60% linen/40% cotton.  The Family Proteaceae design is created from the original artwork of Pierre Alexei.

Sewn and designed in Cape Town, items will soften beautifully with age and wash.  All items are neatly packaged with an informative and visual band wrapped around.

Product dimensions:  43 x 63cm